Snowing like a Banshee

Is Al Gore in Michigan today to give a speech on the dangers of “global warming”? Because it’s nasty cold snow here right now.

(And I was disappointed to learn that “snowing like a banshee” has already been used many times by many people…)


  1. And your welcome:) We in interior Alaska (and I’m sure the Canadians in Yukon Territory) were enamored with the cold air mass that gave us such interesting March temperatures. However in keeping with property etiquette it was only proper to share….

  2. Wrong. Weather is like a set of coupled springs, when you pull on one, it expands the other. We had the warmest winter in recorded history, no snowfall in many new england states until all the way in january – statistically that works out to be more than 60 days Then we have the rebound, a cold snap that lasts exactly 4 days. To say this doesn’t have anything to do with global warming is to pretend that weather systems aren’t coupled to the trends. So, in January, the spring was wound up – and it April – it snapped. Also think about this: it was cold only for five days. Thats still in the statistical game, only 1/12th of it compared to the 60 warm days we had. Finally a dark note: the weather has killed off peach, apple and blueberry. They’re all dead. And since the weather was so warm last winter and a drought last summer Hay went up to 6.00 a bale here, and now we just had the spring crop wrecked as well. Folks, its definitely global warming here. Anyone who has a horse knows the hay situation, at least where I live.

  3. Ooooo my refrigerator light burned out this morning. Must be global warming. I truly wish we could warm things up to a Miocene level of temperature and hold it there. Humanity would have a far more benign environment to live under. Sadly the planet is undergoing a icehouse cycle till tectonic movement rearranges things in a few more million years. Sometime in the next few centuries (hopefully that far out at least) we’ll swing back in the other direction. A great portion of the northern hemisphere will dissapear under the ice. Sea levels will drop drastically and if our tech hasn’t advanced enough humanity’s civilization will crash and our descendants will die in great numbers. If people want to run around in circles screaming hysterically about a possible .6C temp increase over the last hundred years (with beginning measurements coinciding with the temp lows of the late 19’th century, a very cold period) then that’s fine. I would prefer it however if they did this at home. Preferably late at night with no witnesses and with immediate hand washing afterwards.