Speaking of ‘Snowing Like a Banshee’

Bush restarts the Cold War

Here’s what passes for informed discussion on Kos, I guess:

Not content with grinding up our armed forces and trashing the Constitution, BushCo has decided to restart the Cold War by making an in-your-face deployment of antimissile systems in the Czech Republic and bringing confrontational trade policy challenges against China. Here is a link to an article on the deliberate provocation of Russia:

Russia threatening new cold war

Like other attempts by BushCo to play with matches, this is likely to have serious negative consequences, which I describe below

Never mind the obvious cluelessness about the subject, Murdoc finds it amusing that the headline ‘Bush restarts the Cold War’ is based on an article titled ‘Russia threatening new cold war’. Bush is Russian?

(Actually, maybe that explains nuke-you-ler…)

Anyway, I could maybe (maybe) see the “Bush is pushing this” angle if we were putting offensive weapons in the Czech Republic to defend ourselves and our allies. You know, like putting nuclear-tipped cruise missiles in Europe to defend against a Soviet invasion. Sure, they could be used to fight back against oncoming hordes, but they could also be used to start a conflict.

Is the writer at Kos suggesting that anti-missile weapons could possibly be used for offensive purposes? I’ve just never really got the whole ‘missile defense provokes your enemies’ line of reasoning.

Meanwhile, here’s one of the so-called reasons described for us:

Restarting the Cold War is a fallback to the fading of the War on Terror, which seems to be reaching its expiration date and is no longer salable to a public that feels grossly deceived by a “threat” that never materialized after 9/11.

Quotes with “threat”. I like it. Even ignoring the obvious, it seems that the “threat” that did materialize on 9/11 was significant, regardless of what came after…

But a commenter points out

Well the ‘terrorist threat’ is largely a creation of the Bush debacle, initially fictional, with new, real terrorists created and trained, where they had been marginal before the occupation of Iraq.

Again, we seem to be having issues with the concept of time, as in when things happened.

Someone does point out that a missile defense system is no threat to Russia, but the original poster replies

Think Again…The huge surveillance radar to be placed in the Czech Republic is a threat to Russia because it can be used to accurately track Russian missile launches, then hand off the information to other interceptor systems. The US is committed to a broad program of missile defense research, any branch of which could produce new intercept systems threatening to Russia’s strategic deterrent.

So the “threat to Russia” is that we might neutralize their threat of offensive attack? Isn’t that like saying I’m threatening an armed robber by wearing body armor and preventing him from threatening to shoot me dead if I don’t comply?

Some people crack Murdoc up. Others are just idiots.


  1. Well, while they surely are off the deep end, I think that their basic premise was not articulated in the post. They seem to fear that by neutralizing the ability for Russia to strike the United States, or Europe, that tensions will rise between the U.S. and Russia because the United States will have an effective way of overcoming the deterrence of MAD. Basically, the analogy would be that by wearing body armor you can shoot the armed robber without worrying that you will be shot back. Thus, the threat, as they see it, is that it gives ‘BushCo’ the ability to overcome the stabilizing factor of nuclear deterrence.

  2. Too bad that what’s at stake is a dozen launchers and associated support, which Russia admits will not neutralize their offensive capability to any measurable degree, so there is really not much of a problem all ’round. Didn’t I read that at MO, for that matter? And without getting too into it, the guy who thinks that a single radar in the Czech Republic trumps what satellites and other gewgaws do, gewgaws that already exist and are already fielded precisely to track missile launches, needs to put on his helmet and rubber pants and go wait in the rain for the short bus. And besides all that, what the shit are you doing devoting valuable column inches to Kos?

  3. LOL! I was wondering if anyone would ask why I was bothering with Kos. I happened to check it out via Reddit or something before I realized where it was taking me. Then morbid curiosity got the better of ol’ Murdoc. Next thing you know, he’s posting on it…

  4. Oh, and I’ll go with Endyr’s superior body armor analogy saying that the robber is afraid I’ll shoot him because I know I won’t get shot back. So why is the robber afraid that I’ll pre-emptively shoot him? Is there any evidence that I will? Unless I’ve been acting reckelessly and/or threatening to pre-emptively shoot some armed robber out of the blue, I guess I don’t much care if he feels threatened.

  5. I’m sure if you asked the KosKids they would paint a picture of the U.S. as Yosemite Sam jumping around firing his guns into the air. I think they consider the actions of ‘BushCo’ to be a prime example of the ‘recklessness’ of the United States.

  6. With the end of the cold war, I was hoping we would have friendly relations with the Russians. I don’t think there is any natural animosity between our peoples. Once the bolsheviks were gone, I thought things would change. I think it started during the Clinton admin when they bombed Serbia in 1999 while the Russian foreign minister was en route to the US to negotiate a settlement. It has been exacerbated by expanding NATO to their borders. This missile issue by itself is not big, but taken together with the last 15 years adds to the distrust. Russia is a proud nation and I wish we could find a way to become closer. Let them go medieval on the Chechens. I think a strong Russia is in our interest and could be a bulwark between us (Europe and US) and the Chinese and mohammedan countries of south and southwest asia.

  7. This is posturing, pure and simple. The missile defence system does not protect anyone from Russia, only from rogue states with a couple of long-range missiles like NoKo and possibly Iran. That much is abundantly clear. How much missiles do the Russians have? 1000? How many interceptors are there going to be? 10? Even a moron can see that this would not stop such an attack. So, regardless of whether somebody is so dim that they think the USA is Yosemite Sam (when did Yosemite Sam ever liberate a country from a dictatorial regime? I seem to remember all he really did is shoot bullets into the air), this has absolutely zero effect on Russia’s ability to retaliate. So basically, Putin is playing Kos for a chump, and it’s working… I really wish leftists wouldn’t make it so easy for themselves to be used by others in this fashion. Their paranoia plays right into the hands of expert manipulators like Putin.

  8. Laughable, but entirely in line with many other examples of fuzzy logic and wishful thinking. i.e. more gun laws will stop gun crime, illegal immigraion is our fault because of unfair business practices and economic inequity……….. you get the drift.

  9. Spacey-A strong democratic Russia would definitely be in our interest. However, Czar Vladimir I isn’t exactly what you call a democratic leader, and Russia has in some instances, most notably with Iran, interfered with our attempts to do things in our (and arguably the world’s) interest. And the bit about confrontational trade policy with China is just flat out funny. Last I checked, unions were a huge Dem Cong constituency, and the unions hate China. Although I think the biggest portion of the unions is now made up of .gov workers, who aren’t in any danger of losing their jobs to China. It’d be fun to drive a big fat wedge between the AFL-CIO and the government and teachers unions, wouldn’t it?

  10. Heartless Libertarian: First, Putin won his election. Second, why does Russia need to be democratic? That is for their people to decide. We have had friendly relations with monarchies and other nations that don’t have our style of government. So whether Russia is or is not a Jeffersonian democracy is not a show stopper for me. From our perspective Russia and China are running interference on Iran. My guess is they are doing it for oil in China’s case or for payback in Russia’s case. The Russian’s are still smarting over Serbia, the Ukrainian orange revolution we sponsored and expanding Nato up to their doorstep. Russia is a paranoid nation and I can respect that. They have had several wars launched into their territory from Western Europe. The Eastern Front in WW2 was the largest, most significant battleground in world history in almost any way you measure conflict. So why encroach on their borders? Finally, I too wish our unions would break from the democrats, but sadly I don’t think it will happen. They should be the ones opposed to illegal aliens but now they appear receptive to the invasion. I guess they think they will get more members. They even caved on Bush allowing the Mexican truckers access to our interstates. So sadly, I think the unions are of little use to us.