22:49 22 May 2003

There’s apparently rumor of a top secret “supertank” being designed by the Chinese that will be far superior to the US M-1. According to Strategy Page

The new Chinese tank is said to have a 152mm main gun, and use Russian technology for its composite and reactive armor and active laser defense (against anti-tank missiles.) No pictures of this new tank have surfaced, and it’s likely that the project has not even reached the prototype stage.

I’ll bet they’re designing one. In fact, I’ll bet EVERYONE is designing one. But coming up with a workable design, developing it, and producing it are what counts. I’ll believe it when I see it. And it will probably look like this:


  1. It will be the most powerful tank in the world, dont bother asking Americans though (soz if you are one) but people in the US are patriotic and will ALWAYS say nothing can be beat there weapons. As for the link, that is commenting on the tank in service called the Type98, and No the tank your on about isnt a Type 98, its name hasnt been released yet.