VA Tech Weapons

The weapons used by Cho Seung-Hui at Virginia Tech were apparently a Glock 19 9mm and a Walther P22 .22LR. The Glock has about a bazillion magazines available in all different sizes, but as far as I know the Walther has only the original 10-rounders available.

I was recently looking at the P22 myself, and I didn’t come across any larger mags. If someone knows better, pass it on.

From the Roanoke Times via a reader’s comment. Thanks!


  1. From what i hear the dude was 24 years old and came to the U.S. from South Korea on a student visa last year. If that’s the case he could have very well been a R.O.K. prior to this and received special forces training. Why use a Glock-9mm coupled with a Walther-.22? Not quite the coincidence a lot of folks believe. He chose those weapons well. Both are relatively easy to conceal and are standard calibers. He used the more powerful 9mm to bring the victims down with body shots and then double tapped them in the head with the .22 using LR ammo. Guaranteed terination at close range. That seems to be the reason for the high body count. In theory, if he used 10-round mags in both weapons and had professional reflex snap shooting training he’d only have to reload 4-times.

  2. Toejam, I think your information is a bit out of date. From what I have read he was 23, and lived in the USA since he was either 12 or 8 (I’ve read both). They earlier thought the perp might have been a Chinese guy who came over recently, but it turned out not to be him. In my experience it’s very easy to hit a target at short range with a 9mm with little or no training. To make up for lack of power, substitute more shots. Of course, maybe there’s more to this than we know.. but I don’t think we need any special explanation for what happened.. except that he was a very disturbed individual.

  3. As an owner of a P22, it surprises me that the gunman chose this weapon. Even the newer ones can be stubborn with certain ammo’s, recoil spring is lazy, over a fun plinker but definately not a ‘tac’ gun. Glock is another matter. Wonder if he bought the P22 as a ‘brandish’ weapon, was feeling his oats, as it were, and liked it’s aggressive looks. Then got serious with his hideous plan and bought the Glock. Either way, terrible PR for both firms.