Unfortunate choice of words?

At the end of Gunman kills hostage, self at NASA center:

“Everybody I’ve seen is shocked that something like this would happen here. It’s almost a collegial environment,” Peterson said.

Emphasis Murdoc’s.

Does this guy watch TV? Isn’t that a pretty dumb thing to say this week?


  1. I remember a stretch when working on space station when they’d roll about one employee a month out toes up. I think that went on for about 6 months. Working on space stuff seems to be more stressful because the stakes are extremely high and because people care so much about our nation’s space program (such as it is). The difference between people’s expectations and the daily reality creates lots of stress. Besides that, a lot of the people involved are just nuts. I remember when the vice president in charge of the plant I worked at moved the Director of Morale (I kid you not) into the office next door and had facilities cut a door between their offices so he wouldn’t have to walk into the hall to get next door. She always help my morale any time I saw her. Those were some monster implants. Two of the people in my group had open marriages. No, I do not want to do it with the wife of anyone I work with on a daily basis. My 2nd level boss, and ex-shuttle astronaut, was doing it with a woman in my group, which didn’t make his wife happy. Sometimes sexual harassment was unwelcome, but there was the time the woman in the desk next to mine giggled as she showed me the red bra and matching panties a manager she worked with gave her for V Day and asked me if I thought that was an inappropriate gift. Then there was the office party when I had to physically stop my co-worker’s husband from beating her. I never could figure out why he beat her when he was the one she caught doing it with one of the open marriage wives. It made the Christmas party where the woman flopped her breast out to feed her baby seem much less awkward. Then there were the allegations of murder. 2 seperate incidents, one connected to the philandering boss. Anyway, pardon me if I’m not shocked by this incident.