BREAKING: Blue Angels crash

Blue Angels jet reportedly crashes in S.C.


A jet fighter flown by the U.S. Navy Blue Angels demonstration team crashed Saturday during an airshow in South Carolina and a number of houses were on fire, according to media reports.

Witness Scott Houston told CNN in a telephone interview that he saw six Blue Angels jets flying low behind a grove of trees at the end of an airshow in Beaufort, S.C., and only five emerged.

A cloud of smoke was seen rising from the area.

UPDATE: It appears that the pilot, name not yet released, was the only fatality. The fact that the F-18 crashed into a residential area yet killed no one on the ground is a blessing. Eight were injured.

The updated story makes it sound like the plane crashed into a grove of pine trees and that the houses that were hit were hit by debris, not the plane itself.

There’s no word that the pilot even attempted to eject. It’s possible that he realized that the plane was headed for housing and stuck with it, trying to keep things together long enough to crash into a open area. He may have succeeded by hitting that grove.

UPDATE 2: Defense Tech notes that the AP reported that it was Blue Angel #6, listed as LCDR Kevin Davis.

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