Another Ghost Ship Down Under

Weird coincidence? Second empty vessel found off Queensland coast:

Another unmanned vessel has been discovered floating off the coast of Queensland.

The six-metre barnacle-encrusted fibreglass boat, which was yesterday spotted in waters off the Sunshine Coast, is the second mystery vessel to be found in Queensland waters in less than a week.

Fisherman spotted the second boat about 30km off the coast of Caloundra.

The boat was found upturned and adrift, with the keys still in the ignition and a tank full of fuel.

Fishing gear and scuba diving equipment were retrieved from the vessel and both outboard motors were still intact.


  1. Not a mystery … The currents right now are probably conducive to casting flotsam ashore right now … those boats has probably been sitting out there for years. I’m sure a bunch of other junk are also being washed up as well. As for why … rogue waves happen. If you aren’t wearing flotation gear, are surprised by a wave, and are fully clothed, you will probably just sink. Swimming fully clothed is both difficult, and dangerous.