Anyone remember the miniseries ‘World War III’?

This sorta reminds me of that early 1980s two-parter about a Soviet raid into Alaska. Part 1 ended with US troops (I think National Guard led by David Soul and Cathy Lee Crosby) hunkered down in oil pipeline segments awaiting the Rooskie attack:

U.S. Army Staff Sgt. Larry Clapper and Spc. Christopher Dotson take a break while an Iraqi army soldier searches unused sewage pipes at a factory in Mansour, Iraq, April 14, 2007. Clapper and Dotson are both from Alpha Company, 1st Battalion, 23rd Infantry Regiment. DoD photo by Sgt. Tierney P. Nowland, U.S. Army. (Released)

Speaking of Alaska and the Rooskies, a reader had this comment on the Russian proposal to build a tunnel under the Bering Sea:

If they actually do this, you’ll be able to drive from/to pretty much anywhere in the world except Antarctica and that weird penal continent down under!


  1. Spacey: I totally saw that and meant to ask, but forgot when adding in the tunnel thing…I have no clue.

  2. 1st Cav must like him. Mansour is 2nd BCT – 1st Cav AOR. 1-23IN is attached ATT. 1-23IN/3BCT-2ID (Strikers)

  3. MO: Oh, yeah! It was over several parts; I was about 10 and totally ate it up. I had my star wars guys fighting in makeshift oil pipes for awhile after that. Wasn’t Roy Scheider in that too? I caught the 1st Cav patch too. Are we giving furriners division patches even if they’re only attached to the unit? What happens if there’s a unit patch that is culturally insensitive? Like with a dog on it, say? None come to mind, just sayin…

  4. ‘This sorta reminds me of that early 1980s two-parter about a Soviet raid into Alaska.’ Can’t say I remember that one. But I do remember a 1950’s ‘B’ movie about the Chinese army tunneling under the Pacific ocean headed toward California and to eventually invade the United States. Anyone else remember that one?