‘I have always been partial to the Syria theory.’

Ron Coleman: W-M-Denial?

For all the cynical talk about that the –runup to war,” the process was in fact absurdly shlepped out, as anyone who was reading the agonized writings of Andrew Sullivan at the time will recall. The main thing that those of us who favored military action at the time were thinking was that given this amount of time, if there’s anywhere Saddam can stash this stuff, he’s certainly been given ample opportunity to do so.

Although I initially believed that this scenario had a high likelihood of truth to it, I’ve become quite skeptical as the years have gone by. Last summer I had a brief suspicion that Israel’s move into Lebanon may have been related to this idea, but that turned out not to be the case.

A commenter on Coleman’s says that WMDs couldn’t have been smuggled to Syria before the invasion, however, because the border “was watched carefully”. Here’s Murdoc’s response:

Though not really a strong supporter of the “they shipped the WMD to Syria” theory, the “we were watching the border” theory is even more laughable.

C’mon, folks. Four years after the invasion, with Marines all over the place and undenied air supremacy, drones by the hundreds, and Iraqi allies, we still can’t keep that border all the way closed.

My skepticism comes mainly from the fact that, though some evidence of ongoing programs has been uncovered, I just don’t think they could have hidden 99.9% of it so well that it’s still not been found.


  1. From first person conversations with Marines that have been in the ‘Wild West’ of Iraq, those missing WMDs could have been right under their feet or one hundred yards off of the few roads that crisscross that desert. Or buried in underground bunkers that have yet to be discovered anywhere in Iraq. In a country the size of California, with all the secrecy that the previous dictator loved, he might have kept some, shipped some to Syria or even to Iran. Saying that he didn’t have anything is not an acceptable choice, because too many people saw the materials and have testified to that fact. So, saying where it all went is like saying where is the lost mines in California or the hidden treasures in California. Nobody knows or if they do, they are not talking. But if someday, there is a report that hundreds of people died from ‘something’ somewhere in Iraq, I might think that some old gas/chemical cylinders might be leaking after all these years. Saddam spend billions of dollars on weapons of all kinds, and was obsessed with WMD, he admitted as much himself. Someday we will know more. Papa Ray West Texas USA