28 Weeks Later

Sequel to ’28 Days Later’. In theaters May 11.


  1. I saw the trailer. Looks like they ditched the good bits from the first, added a stereotypical cast (the Scientist. The Military Man) and called it a day. Maybe I’m wrong. I’d like to be – ’28 Days Later’ was great.

  2. Brian: My initial impression from one viewing of the trailer was that they decided to follow the Alien->Aliens progression by going from a horror/action film to an action/horror film. Of course, it’s not so much WHAT you do as HOW you do it. For the record, when I first learned what Cameron’s ‘Aliens’ was going to be, I figured it was going to be one of the worst movies ever and that it would ruin everything I loved so much about the first one. Early in the first of about six viewings in glorious 70mm, I changed my mind about that… Obviously, as a sequel to a horror-type flick, ’28 Weeks Later’ is likely to be pretty bad. The odds are just stacked against it. But I also liked ’28 Days Later’, at least as far as zombie movies go (which I don’t really care for), and hope this one is notbad.