Plan Red

Buckethead, Minister of Minor Perfidy, had a post up last week about Plan Red, the inter-war plan for a war against Canada. (Yes, you read that right…I’ve railed on and on about the sheer volume of military planning. No time to do so again right now.)

I wanted to dig into the details of Plan Red and comment, but there’s just so much time. So go check out Buckethead’s excellent quick summary. And just remember that when some news organization gets its panties in a bunch because they’ve learned of military plans to bomb Iran or raid Venezuela or land Special Forces on North Korean beaches, we’ve got plans for all sorts of stuff. Some are just in case. Some are just because.

And, while we’re on the subject, Murdoc’s got a Plan Red of his own for the US:

1. Invade Canada from Detroit.

2. Fall back in the face of the Canadian counter-attack.

3. Leave the Canadians in possession of the Motor City.

4. Call for a cease-fire immediately.

5. Build a wall.

6. Lay mines.


  1. When we sign an armistice with Canada, we also need to cede to them NJ, NYC, Boston, Philadelphia, Chicago, and the Pacific NW west of the cascades crest and north of Springfield OR. We can cede LA and SF to Mexico later.

  2. I think I mentioned it in the post, but it bears emphasizing: invading Canada would be easier now than at any time since the American Revolution. Our military power has grown by leaps and bounds, and over the last half century it seems that the Canadians have made a concerted effort to reduce their military to almost the point of nonexistence. And, the Canadian government has made every effort to remove guns from the hands of its citizens. I think the time is right, and like they say, third time’s the charm.