Look out!

Danger sign.


  1. I had an owl do that to my car one night. I could see it inbound through the passenger side window, then heard it tumble over the roof. I stopped to see if I killed the stupid bird, but apparently it flew off no worse for the adventure. They might look smart, but those big eyes don’t leave much room for a brain. Hopefully your typical general aviation pilots is many times smarter, because I don’t think you’d have the same result if a Cessna 172 did that.

  2. Funny you mentioned that Dfens, Way back in the early 60’s I was tooling down the NJ Garden State Parkway (60 MPH) in my Metalic Red customized 1956 Ford. Suddenly I noticed aways in front of me a spot which was moving. As I got closer I realized I was on a collision path with a low flying Mallard duck. I suspect he had just launched from the side of the road. Well he suddenly realized I was rapidly approaching at the same (5-foot) altitude. I swear to God he push his feet out on front of him and started to do the back stroke with his wings. Till this day I’ll never forget the absolute look of terror in his face. That duck’s expression was so close to a human’s it really scared me. Next thing I knew there was a loud THUD as he tore off my fender mounted radio antenna and hit my windshield. Fortunately, the 56 Ford had a ‘wrap-around’ windshield and he smacked the wrap-around section so the glass didn’t break. Looked into my rearview mirror and all I saw was a ball of feathers floating down on all 3-lanes. I swear till this day, some 46 years later I can still see a horrified duck in my mind’s eye!