The definitive book on the defense of earth against a potential alien incursion

Danger Room posts on An Introduction to Planetary DefenseA Study of Modern Warfare Applied to Extra-Terrestrial Invasion by Travis S. Taylor, Bob Boan, R.C. Anding, and T. Conley Powell.

In short:

Act like Iraqis, and launch “an insurgency, a mujahideen-type resistance,” against an alien invasion.

As Iraqi dead-enders and Afghan mujahideen know, though, it helps tremendously to have someone outside providing you with money, explosively-formed penetrators, and Stinger missiles.

I’ll bet that’s a very interesting book, though. Go read more in the Danger Room.


  1. How about a ‘Send Murdoc To The Rendezvous’ tip jar? You’ve got plenty of time between now and October to collect enough for the trip. It’s a thought……. ……. Mr. C.

  2. It’s a big book and the author’s are serious – I suspect they go into more detail than the Yahoo review implies. If they’re intelligent aliens and they really want our planet they don’t need to do any more than throw rocks at us until we’re knocked back to a pre-industrial stage and eating each other. Landing the Alien Marine Corps and fighting mana-a-bug with the natives is a sucker’s game. It might take a few years but the supply of rocks is plentiful and if you’ve already spent centuries getting here .. what’s a few decades?

  3. Brian is right. Even assuming they don’t finesse things (unleash a biological superweapon, for instance, or take over from the inside as John Christopher’s ‘Masters’ did in his Tripods books), successful insurgents seem to need a friendly media to pander to and a supply of arms and equipment which give them some chance of doing damage to the occupiers. If the Mujahadeen had used stone knives and crude spears against the T-62s and BTRs, would the Soviets have even batted an eyelid? ‘Cos that’s the proposition which would appear to be on the table.