Star Wars 30th Anniversary

A long time ago…

star wars promo

Apparently there’s a month-long party to celebrate the May 25, 1977 release of STAR WARS.

Pic from a decent gallery of Making of Star Wars shots. (And if you think Luke looks a bit off here, go find Solo in the gallery…)


  1. This is also the 25th anniversary of me coming over to your house and seeing all your Star Wars crap.

  2. Yeah, that was a lot of crap. I sold it all for decent $$$ around 1985 or so. No regrets, though of course I would have had made a lot more if I would have kept it for another 15 years…

  3. Speaking of Star Wars crap… When ‘Episode 1’ was released I was in Montana. My friend took me to this store which was having a sale on all its Star Wars merchandise (the movie had been out for a while). He bought a Star Wars candy thing. It was Jar Jar’s face. You pressed a plastic thing in, and his tongue stuck out, and it was made of candy. And you’d suck it. At least, that was the idea. He bought it because we all agreed it was totally sick and wrong. Well, that’s all I wanted to say.. I just wanted to leave you all with the image of a candy toy, designed for kids, where you’re supposed to suck Jar Jar’s tongue 😉

  4. It’s hard to imagine anything that would make me hate Star Wars. But it’s not quite as hard as it was sixty seconds ago…