‘Lagging behind reality’

Hugh Hewitt has a great interview with Fred Kagan, who is just back from Iraq. He says that Congressional decsions don’t seem to be taking into account much of what’s actually going on in Iraq. You should read the whole thing, but this bit at the end has several layers of meaning:

HH: Last question, Frederick Kagan, we’re almost out of time, thank you for being here. Does the Democratic leadership not know this? Or are they ignoring it for political gain in your estimate?

FK: I don’t know. I’ve been struck by the degree to which the debate in this town, in Washington, seems to be lagging behind reality in Iraq. And one would hope that with the briefings that the Congress is getting from General Petraeus and others, that we would start to catch up and realize that the world is different from the way it was in November, 2006. We’ll see. [emphasis Murdoc’s]

One certainly “would hope”, but it sure doesn’t appear to much of a hope to count on. The Surrendacrats are sticking to their guns.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has flat-out said that he won’t believe any good news from General Petraeus “because it’s not happening”. So it seems clear that Reid thinks he knows better than the General. (Well, unless a part of the General’s quote makes a good soundbite and headline, in which case the buck stops with General Petraeus. Even if you have to cherry pick his words to make them sound like they mean what you wish was true.)

Regardless of what Reid’s latest jackassery compels him to say, Congress is just too busy to attend briefings and video conferences anyway.

So Murdoc ain’t holding his breath that briefing Congress will get them caught up.

These are the elected leaders of the Democratic Party folks. This is what we get. Don’t it make us so proud?

UPDATE: Meanwhile, will Joe flip if the Senate passes the bill with the deadline in place? Murdoc thinks not, but he’d like to be surprised.