Iraqi Boy Scouts

iraqi boy scout

An Iraqi Boy Scout troop prepares for their first Jamboree. They clean up and get their new uniforms.

We won’t know if what’s being done in Iraq is really working until the Iraqis who are kids now are adults. Things like a Boy Scout program can be big parts of what makes it work in the end.

Video of the activity below…

Via Strategy Page.


  1. Cool. I like the white uniforms — makes sense for the desert. I recall going to SoCal on a field trip in the Cub Scouts and we totally sweated our asses off. Plus, maybe they can have like special merit badges… the RPG Marksmanship Merit Badge, the AK-47 Assembly & DIsassembly Merit Badge, the Scorpion vs. Camel Spider Gladiatoral Combat Merit Badge, the Convert Your Mom’s Bedroom Into An IED-Proof Bunker Merit Badge… Okay, okay. I jest. Iraqi mothers probably wouldn’t be any more cool about having their bedroom converted into a hardened facility than American ones. (‘Get that steel rebar OUT of here!’ ‘But MOOOOMMMM…’)