Maybe F/A/R/C/E-22 isn’t so far off base, after all…

Danger Room: Raptor Becomes “F-, A-, B-, E-, EA-, RC-, AWACS… 22”

Murdoc loves the Raptor. Really. But this marketing stuff is really a bit much.

Noah also points out that there is a great deal of resistance to sending F-22s to Iraq or Afghanistan. Though we certainly don’t need 5th-generation air superiority fighters in those environments, I’m a big believer in get the equipment into the fight, if only to put it through its paces.

Sure, close air support missions by an F-22 in Afghanistan is a bit of overkill. But isn’t that exactly what we’re being told is so great about the Raptor? That it can defeat enemy air forces and provide CAS? If so, let’s see it in action.

If nothing else, we’ll get a real-world exercise in combat deployment and operation, and the pilots will get some valuable experience along the way. There are no doubt a lot more bugs to be worked out, so lets do it when the threat to the aircraft is low and the penalty for problems isn’t quite so large. I’d hate for the first real mission of the F-22 to be a life-or-death battle against a top-notch enemy.


  1. Putting a Raptor in Iraq or Afganistan would not provide any real feedback other then deploy ability and field maintenance. We can get the same return by having the Raptors in South Korea and in training exercises. Let’s keep the Raptors were they can do some good (deter NK and worry China). Besides, I’m not sure if the Raptor can withstand the time zone change.