This month’s Order of Battle

oob_2007_05.jpgBill Roggio has the latest Iraq Security Forces OOB up. Lot’s of detail, so be sure to check it out.

Note this bit near the end:

Note: None of the data updated came from Milblogs. Their OPSEC has been consistently good. Primary sources are senior officer briefs, PAO press releases, Iraqi/US/UK press and official reports released to public.

This MilBlog OPSEC issue is big and getting bigger. Expect a lot of the discussion at this weekend’s conference to be about MilBlog OPSEC enforcement and moves to potentially shut down all milblogs.

Also, notice that the 4th Brigade, 2nd Infantry Division is listed on the map as “Unlocated”. This is the Stryker brigade that the patriots in Tacoma failed to stop in March. The Strykers will be wheeling into the news at some point in the near future. Murdoc’s got his suspicions about where they’ll be, but apparently it’s a surprise party so let’s all just go about our business like the hammer ain’t about to drop.

Go to Roggio’s for a look at the map and the info behind it.


  1. I have redesignated the 4SBCT-2ID as 4th (Stealth) Stryker Brigade Combat Team – 2nd (Invisible) Infantry Division. Their OPSEC has been so tight that I sent a note to CPIC for relay congradulating them…