20:25 13 May 2003

That’s a quote from Col. Richard McPhee as reported on DefenseTech. Some of our WMD hunters are being pulled out of Iraq.

The 75th Exploitation Task Force “consistently found targets identified by Washington to be inaccurate, looted and burned, or both,” the Washington Post reports. And “some information known in Washington, such as inventories of nuclear sites under supervision of the International Atomic Energy Agency, did not reach the (75th’s) teams.”

So we know Iraq had WMD at one time. But none of the repeated reports have been verified. They may have been destroyed utterly. They may have been cleverly hidden. They may have been burned beyond recognition. We just don’t know where they are, what happened to them, or even where they were before the bombs started falling. It may be a matter of time, before we turn up conclusive evidence. We may never know what happened to them. Just like Chemical Ali.

But no one says that Chemical Ali wasn’t in Iraq. We’ll see.