Friday Linkzookery – 11 May 2007

Missile Defense 101 – ICBM Fundamentals
Steeljaw Scribe lays out the basics.

Strange Towers of the Third Reich
Lots of pictures of Nazi bomb shelter towers.

U.N.: Not so fast with ethanol, other biofuels
Unchecked growth could see new problems offset climate gains, report says
Murdoc doesn’t support biofuels for climate gains. He supports biofuels to cut dependence upon oil.

The Diyala Salvation Front
It appears that the battle for Iraq may be shifting from Anbar and Baghdad toward Diyala.

Crossed Sabers
A blog dedicated to cavalry in the US Civil War.

Armored Vehicle Demand Blows Up
Danger Room on the MRAP and such.

WARNING: Much more Linkzookery below! Proceed with caution!

Army PFC Stephen C. Sanford – Someone You Should Know
A recent entry in Balckfive’s must-read series.

Unsung heroes who truly make our military strong
Castle Argghhh!’s H&I Fires highlights military spouses.

Say hello to my little MG3
Some sort of Star Wars blaster rifle

Cindy Sheehan May Run for US Congress in 2008
Please please please!

Petraeus Urges Troops to Adhere to Ethical Standards
It’s hard to argue with “being good” being a condition for being one of the “good guys”.

Congress to Vote on Paper Trail for E-Voting
Still not convinced that electronic voting is good, but if we use it we must must must require a solid paper trail. That’s a no-brainer, no?

Iraq Buying Up to $508M in Fuel & Ammo
The shopping list is impressive.

Spooky/Spectre Update
Upguning and all-time favorite.

Word 2007 Cheat Sheet
I’m basically liking Office 2007 but it certainly requires you to shift gears a bit.

The US Army Finally Goes Semi Auto
Rummell on the M110 SASS and more.

“I don’t want to come home until we win.”
Lorie Byrd on one of the money quotes from the Milblog Conference.

White Feather Democrats Drop 5 Points in Approval Ratings
Gateway Pundit: Since most every national poll is generally weighted heavy with democrats, this news may be even worse than reported

H-1B visa cap reached in record time
150,000 applications were sent for 65,000 spots on day one. A lottery will be used to determine which apps get considered. It’s basically like trying to get tickets for a Springsteen concert.

Out with the old, in with the new
Europe continues to change.

Russian to the moon?
Now we’re being “unilateralist” with our space program.

The United States Exploring Expedition, 1838-1842
This week’s Sunday Ship History at Eaglespeak.

Both Danger Room and Defense Tech have posts up this week about these technological crustacean beasts. High-res pics on MO from last year for your enjoyment.

Arcin’ and sparkin’
And that’s when I caught fire.

When the good guys have guns…
But, but, but…aren’t guns really SCARY?

Fact-checking Barack Obama on fuel economy
It’s a long campaign, Barack. Don’t peak too soon…like last month.


  1. Ah, Winkelturms. I remember them fondly. They also built huge block-sized shelters, that I remember from Frankfurt – they were painted to look like apartment buildings.

  2. Bram doesn’t support biofuels at all – except for fueling Bram. As a vehicle fuel, the whole idea is a hoax.

  3. I don’t think the whole thing is a hoax. The real potential for biofuels is in the enzymatic break down of cellulose to make alcohol. That’s where the idea makes sense.