Stryker MGS in Taji

Got this Reuters pic in an email:


Reuters – Tue May 8, 4:27 PM ET
U.S. tanks and armoured vehicles of 2-8 Delta Calvary patrol a main road outside Taji May 8, 2007. A suicide bomber killed 16 people and wounded 70 at a crowded market in Iraq’s Shi’ite city of Kufa on Tuesday, officials said, the latest in a string of sectarian attacks blamed on al Qaeda Sunni militants. REUTERS/Eduardo Munoz (IRAQ)


  1. STRYKER POWER!!! Sweet, first time I’ve seen an MGS in action, I wonder how theyre doing.

  2. MO, Am I just goofy or did the Stryker reinvent, uh, the wheel. Didn’t Cadillac Gage have the same system(s) 30 years ago, including a big gun version analagous to the Stryker/MGS?