Chi Mak Convicted

In December of 2005 I noted an espionage case involving a Chinese-born naturalized US citizen. A couple of months later a reader left this comment:

Original charges against Chi Mak et al have been dropped. Government’s petition to hold without bail has been denied.

It seems the prosecution have lied on so many things, it’s beginning to smell like another Wen Ho Lee…Shame on us America

Whoops: Engineer convicted of stealing U.S. secrets.

The conviction of “conspiring to export U.S. defense technology to China” carries up to 35 years in prison. Now, I certainly don’t know all the fact of this case, and I don’t claim to be anything resembling a legal expert. I’m just wondering:

Why does a conviction for stealing and planning to give away military secrets, including advanced submarine propulsion design information, only bring up to 35 years?


  1. This goes on all the time. The best defense is to keep rolling out newer and better weapons, because eventually everything leaks. Unfortunately, that’s why we are screwed too. When it takes 25 years to develop a fighter it’s a wonder China doesn’t roll out their version before we have ours done. Just wait, that day’s coming…

  2. But think of all the money we would save by buying the latest fighter from China before we build it ourselves.