The x-ray machines at the gate will protect them

U.S., Germans Fear Imminent Terror Attack

It seems that security assets have been alerted to possible plans to attack US and German by radical Islamist groups:

“The information behind the threat is very real,” a senior U.S. official told ABC News.

German Interior Minister Wolfgang Schauble told reporters, “The danger level is high. We are part of the global threat by Islamist terrorism.”

Of particular concern, according to U.S. and German law enforcement officials, is Patch Barracks, the headquarters for U.S. European Command, near Stuttgart.

Security at all U.S. military and diplomatic facilities has been increased in the last month following reports that suspected terrorists had conducted surveillance of the Patch Barracks facility.

“The attack would be designed to create high numbers of casualties among both Germans and the U.S. military,” said ABC News consultant Richard Clarke, a former White House counterterror official.

If this is a credible threat, I hope we get them first.


  1. Murdoc will be a really horrible person if he dares comment on this. Just because they’re Amenian and Muslim and hijacked a bus doesn’t mean they’re terrorists. They may have just been disaffected youths who wanted to get somewhere in a bus and decided to inconvenience a bunch of people to do that. Really, it is a tradgedy that the Italian police did not respect that. After all, what could they have realistically done to all those people? Stabbed them? Ok, maybe they stabbed one of them, but he probably had it coming for not letting them hijack the bus. Now if it were a Wisconsin Lutheran who had done such a thing, that would be ok to comment on, but how dare you mention it if it is a Muslim. That’s not at all PC.