13:21 08 May 2003

Hmmm. Russia will not allow NASA to participate in or have access to the investigation into the botched Soyuz landing last weekend.

Nikolai Zelenschikov told the ITAR-TASS news agency that no US experts had been invited to take part in the inquiry, as “that will create difficulties in the work.”
He did not elaborate, but recalled that NASA had not invited Russian experts to investigate the reasons of the Columbia shuttle crash.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but there were ZERO Soviet cosmonauts on board the Columbia when it was destroyed. And the shuttle wasn’t on an ISS mission. Two of the three men aboard the Soyuz were American astronauts, and the spacecraft was operating as part of the ISS mission.

I’d say let them do their own investigation, and keep the ISS as well, but pretty soon the US is going to be adapting Estes model rockets for use as orbital launchers. If the little motors aren’t outlawed by the Department of Homeland Security.

And, no, the use of “Soviet” wasn’t a mistake this time.