Friday Linkzookery – 18 May 2007

Kill Crazy Bank Robber Captured by CCW Licensee
He shot four, killing two, and took a hostage. They should have explained to him that robbing banks, killing people, and taking hostages is illegal, and they should have arrested the CCW licensee for endangering bystanders.

The search in the Triangle of Death continues
I have no doubt we’re doing all we can, but I’m not terribly optimistic at this point.

Get Terrifyingly Clean With Gasmask Showerhead
A truly unforgettable feature guaranteed to make any home on the planet impossible to sell.” Somewhere is someone who thought this up. They must be stopped.

Murtha Brazenly Violates Ethics Rules Once Again
Jack Has Completely Lost It, part 173.

Speaking of jackasses: Bill Maher Thinks he Knows More than the Troops about Iraq
Once upon a time I liked Maher.

More delicious Linkzookery below!

Iraq’s Tricked-Out Armored Cars
Mine resistant with all the options.

Meanwhile: Textron’s M1117 Removed from MRAP Competition
The ASV has been quite popular.

How Screwed Is This Guy?
Armchair Generalist on the new War Czar position. Seriously, have any czars had any sort of a chance since that one guy before Nicholas II?

Time to kill this quote (again): “Dissent is the highest form of patriotism”
I’ve always thought the quote was a crock, but I didn’t realize it was actually a crock…

The USA’s RAID Program: Small Aerostats, Big Surveillance Time
Eye in the sky.

British Army Defeated By a Press Release
I’m more than a little concerned about the Brits’ resilience, lately.

Scientists cast doubt on Kennedy bullet analysis
Hard to believe that there’s any doubt about any of that, isn’t it?

North Korean Missile Test In Iran?
A curious report begs the question

Another Great Moment in Public Education
One word: Homeschool.

Iraq Report: Al Qaeda’s Northern Offensive, Chlorine Attack in Diyala
Diyala continues to heat up.

Ultimate War Sim
Like my Grandpa always said, there were no naked human pyramids in Starcraft.

Wargaming, modeling reality therein
Donovan on the Ultimate War Sim. (What? No kangaroos with MANPADs?)

Iranian Students At Amir Kabir University Protest Ahmadinejad
Again, I hope for a true Iranian revolution. But I’m not holding my breath.

Mass Graves Day in Iraq
Things aren’t all that good in Iraq these days, but we shouldn’t forget that they weren’t all that good before, either.

Are you ready for some (women’s) football?
Murdoc had no idea this existed. And there’s a nearby team, too: the West Michigan Mayhem.

Free Leather Holster Program
Free plain black leather holster for every 6-volt or 9-volt handheld light that you order.

Seabees help Marines with safer tanks
Who doesn’t love the SeeBees?

Experts warn of detox diet dangers
Like almost every diet fad, it’s the ones who go way overboard that generally cause all the warnings and safety uproar. Everything in moderation.

Defense Officials to Implement Guard, Reserve Changes
Tweaking, to say the least, is going to be needed.

Reserve-Component Funding at Historic Highs
That’s a start…


  1. About the bank robber- when I read the story, 2 things jumped off the page at me: 1, public praise of the CCW holder by the responding PD; and 2, the robber took the hostage after he was confronted by the citizen. In my neck of the wape, it would have played in the media that the citizen with the CCW was the cause for the gunman to take the hostage because he prevented his escape, escalating an already ugly situation and putting another person in jeapordy.

  2. I did notcied that the Mayor, while praising the CCW person, also gave a stern ‘you shouldn’t do things that way’ type of ending to his response. What, he shoulda let the guy walk away? One thing that I praise Gov. Perry of Texas for (one of the very few things) is that hes on the bandwagon for allowing CCW holders to carry ANYWHERE, including banks and airports. Somebody tries that kinda crap (bank robbery) in an environment like that (a place with complete CCW freedom) and he’ll be looking at 5 guns either after he fires the first shot, or when he makes the first threat. Big DUH there.

  3. One of Murdoc’s links was broken. The one for the Kennedy bullet analysis. Anyway, when I followed it, I eventually ran across this (I hope my link works): ————————- Nevin Rupert, a mechanical engineer and ballistics expert, was for seven years the Army’s leading authority on Dragon Skin. Now a whistleblower, he says the Army’s timing wasn’t coincidental. RUPERT: I believe there are some Army officials at the lower levels that deliberately tried to sabotage it. MYERS: What possible motive would Army officials have for blocking a technology that could save lives? RUPERT: Their loyalty is to their organization and maintaining funds. He says that because Dragon Skin was not developed by the Army, some officials considered it a threat to funding of Interceptor and other Army programs. RUPERT: It wasn’t their program. It threatened their program and mission funding. Rupert also says he was ordered not to attend the tests of Dragon Skin. MYERS: You spent seven years evaluating Dragon Skin. And the Army goes to test it. And you’re told not to attend? RUPERT: Yes. MYERS: They didn’t want you there? RUPERT: They didn’t want a lot of people there. Rupert was recently fired by the Army, he says, for supporting Dragon Skin. When questioned about Rupert by NBC News, the Army said in a statement: ‘Mr. Nevin Rupert was employed by the Army Research Laboratory for more than 33 years as a mechanical engineer in the Weapons & Materials Research Directorate, located at Aberdeen Proving Grounds, Md. Mr. Nevin left federal service on February 24, 2007. He has a June 2007 appeal before the Merit System Protection Board.’ NBC News also has learned that, well after the Army ban, select soldiers assigned to protect generals and VIPs in Iraq and Afghanistan wore Dragon Skin. An active duty soldier, who asked us to conceal his identity, told NBC he wore Dragon Skin on certain missions, with the full knowledge of his commanders. ‘I wore it and I saw other people wearing it– It conforms to your body, it gives you more mobility,’ he said. ————————– Of course, once something becomes as political as this has, the truth is hard to ferret out. None the less, I’m sure what the engineer has said is true. The program office will do anything to kill the product they did not develop. That same mechanism kills innovation constantly. Do you think the M-16 program office wants the M-16 to be replaced by a better rifle? That’s how these weapons take on a life of their own. Once the program office is established, they become a self-propogating advocacy for the weapon. There is no equivalent advocacy for the US soldier.

  4. Here’s another poor, stupid engineer being persecuted for trying to do his job. All we ask is that you stop stacking the deck against us. You wouldn’t think it was asking too much, but this is what happens when you continue to pay more for incompetence than you do for success. If there were any capitalists left in the US, they’d have fixed this system of procurement long ago. ————————— Jarvis wasn’t the only person frustrated with the failures of Deepwater; Michael DeKort was Lockheed Martin’s lead engineer for electronics on the patrol boats. ‘It may be very hard for you to believe that our government and the largest defense contractor in the world is capable of such alarming incompetence,’ DeKort said in a video. He was so angry, that last summer, while still employed by Lockheed, he made the video and posted it on YouTube. DeKort acknowledges it is an unusual venue for a whisteblower. ‘I was trying to be resourceful and keep the issue going,’ he says. Why not go to the press? DeKort says he did. Their response? Says DeKort, ‘Because the press had told me they were not gonna print because they thought my allegations seemed a little too fantastic actually.’ ‘To believe?’ Kroft asks. ‘To believe. Yes, sir,’ DeKort replies. ‘What was so outlandish that they had trouble believing you?’ Kroft asks. ‘We actually ordered radios for the very small boats that go on the 123s that were not waterproof,’ DeKort says. ‘That is hard to believe,’ Kroft remarks. ‘Yes, sir,’ DeKort replies. Asked if it was true, DeKort tells Kroft, ‘Yes, sir.’ ‘Did you tell Lockheed Martin about this problem?’ Kroft asks. ‘Yes, sir. All the way through to the CEO and the board of directors,’ DeKort replies. ‘How did the radios get changed?’ Kroft asks. ‘Because, coincidentally, one day during testing it rained and four of the radios failed,’ DeKort explains. Asked if they offered him any apologies, DeKort says, ‘Oh, no. I was actually removed from the project shortly after that.’ The radios, which were vital for communications with other boats and helicopters, weren’t the only problem. DeKort says the antennas and electronics components on the exterior of the boat wouldn’t survive in the extreme weather the Coast Guard has to operate in, a fact that was later backed up by the Department of Homeland Security’s inspector general. —————————— It just goes to show, the media isn’t interested in the real story. They’re run by the same rich dudes that make money off the current stupidity. The news media was shamed into covering this story by the engineer going to YouTube. Even then, if YouTube hadn’t been in the news so much, his story wouldn’t have captured much attention. This kind of thing goes on all the time. The problem is, how do you prosecute stupidity? How do you legislate against it? You can’t! If you could, don’t you think the Soviet Union would have blazed that trail 50 years ago? That’s why capitalism still works and the Soviet Union is gone. —————————— Asked if these boats are good for anything, the congressman tells Kroft, ‘No. I’ve even asked if they could be used on river environments, if we couldn’t give ’em to the Colombians or the Hondurans, just go use ’em for a river patrol boat. And they didn’t have the confidence that the vessel could get down to Latin America to be given away.’ ‘Has anybody been fired or demoted?’ Kroft asks. ‘To the absolute best of my knowledge, no one in the Coast Guard was demoted. No one was fired,’ Taylor says. ‘The taxpayers have not been given their money back, and of course, the ships haven’t been fixed.’

  5. Perhaps said artist of the shower needs to read a little history to see why the gas mask showerhead isn’t so cute.