13:07 08 May 2003

I just received my InFocus X1 DLP projector for our basement home theater project. It is pretty awesome.

I picked up a $13 Parkland Plastics screen at Menards. I just tacked it up on the wall for now. It’s a 4×8 sheet and you can order 5×8 and 5×10 direct from Parkland. I think the cost is quite a bit more for the bigger ones, much more than the slightly increased size would suggest. But still only $50 or $60 shipped. They know that they have a cult following among home theater types, and produce (and price, it seems) the bigger sheets specifically for them. It rolls up. Very portable and storable, and ultra cheap. I’m ordering samples of real screen material, but there’s no rush now. This stuff works.

I’m running an old non-progressive Pioneer DVD player using S-video connections. I was surprised at how good it looked. The only adjustments I made were using the THX Optimizer on a DVD. I checked out a bunch of trailers and watched parts of Apocalypse Now Redux, Apollo 13, and the howitzer assault in part 2 of Band of Brothers. All incredible, especially BoB. Watching anamorphic DVD on widescreen is great. That alone blows me away.

I’m currently running it at about 80″ diagonal (4:3, 64″x48″). It’s quite watchable from only 3 feet away, although 7-8 seems to be the best. View from the angles is excellent. Even with lights on it looks good, but it is great with everything dark.

If you’re thinking of a big screen television, check this puppy out. Great picture, less expensive, much less floor space. $1199.