Still battling the insurgency after all these years


50 heavily armed men abduct 7 police: four them of them found dead, three missing, gun battles leave 20 dead. About a thousand people so far this year shot or decapitated.

Iraq? No, northern Mexico…

Northern Mexico? Thank goodness we’ve got the border locked down so tightly.

(via Instapundit)


  1. And people wonder why we are cranky about this sad excuse for border security down here. Tell you what, if yall don’t wanna provide it, why don’t you just back the hell off and let the land owners down there do what they need to do, without guys like Sutton throwing them in prison. I garuntee after a few months that the MS-13 and OTM types will start trying to get in from the north instead of the south, because those ranchers will have the border buttoned up tight.