Thunderbirds in Ireland

irish_flag.jpgMO’s Ireland correspondent Toejam sends this tip: Thunderbirds are go for Salthill air show originally from the Irish Times:

Thunderbirds, the United States air force aerobatic display unit, are to perform at the Salthill, Co Galway air show next month – its first engagement in Ireland and first outside the US since the 2001 9/11 attacks on New York and Washington.

Capt Elizabeth Kreft said the pilots and support crews were particularly excited about the visit, given that many had strong Irish family connections. Most of the unit’s members have passed through Shannon airport in recent years on their way to operational assignments in the Middle East and Afghanistan.

It’s cool that they’re excited about flying in Ireland and some of them have family connections in the country. But

the unit plans to put the Tricolour on the flag panels of its aircraft during and after the Irish visit.

Is that really so cool? Can they even do that?

Here’s the link for the Salthill Air Show, for those interested in attending. Maybe I should put a “Send Murdoc to Salthill” tip jar up to fund MO coverage of the event.


  1. The flag panel they are talking about is just aft of the pilot on the left habd side of the plane… It has the flags of all the countries that have ordered the F-16. (woops…james said that it is for the countried they have flown in? sounds good too) There are so may flags on that panel that for them to add the tri-colored flag…I do not think anyone will even notice. To me it is not that big of a deal… I have been through Shannon many times and have had only positive experiences while there… but I would not put it past them to hassle our boys (and gals too) Fly on Thundercluckers!