I’m ashamed to laugh at this

Warning! Bad Language!

Why It Pays to Know English

I haven’t seen these guys before, and zooming in makes Murdoc (who’s no expert) think this is a legit photo and not a fill-in-the-blank image.

Either way, it’s funny. And deeply disturbing…which makes it even funnier.


  1. Oh shit that’s funny! I have similar pictures without the sign – I wish I had thought of it.

  2. I have a feeling the guy on the right is in on the joke, but it’s still pretty funny.

  3. Sorry to rain on your parade, but look closer at the area around where the text is. See all those weird pixels? It’s been manipulated. You can see the same sort of pixelly weirdness in the one of the manipulated F-16 ‘missile attack’ photos from the Lebanon thing last year.

  4. A: A) Whose parade? B) As I said, I’m no expert. But the pixelation didn’t look any different to me when I zoomed in than any other jpeg compression. If a photoshop expert says otherwise, though, I will gladly defer. C) I’d expect that it’s a fake, except that I’ve not seen other versions of it. Maybe I’ve just missed them. D) It doesn’t matter.

  5. Mr. Murdoc, could you add a [br] or two under the line where you ask us to type in ‘USA’? Firefox (and probably IE) pops up a pulldown menu that covers the preview and post buttons. No big deal, but if you’re looking for something to do, this is it :).

  6. Kevin: I’m not quite sure what pulldown menu you’re talking about, but I’ve added a couple. Let me know if this does the trick for ya.

  7. I looked at the picture closely and the funny pixels you see around the text is a ‘ringing’ phenomina typical of JPEG compression. I was hoping it was doctored after the fact, but I’m afraid the text (at least) was not added later. Still funny as hell. Funny, but wrong…

  8. sorry but I can’t imagine how can this kind of ‘fun’ make anybody laugh.. what’s so funny about one person not knowing the language of another one.. well yeah, that iraqi guy couldn’t have been much of a thinker, but it still seems to me like that kind of jokes eight year olds use to do, and laugh at. Note that I’m not any kind of anti-war whatever-alist, don’t get me wrong. Just my two cents. Have a nice day..

  9. Two quotes from Larry TCG: I don’t care who you are, thats funny! Lord I appologize.

  10. We did stuff like that all the time in Iraq. One time a buddy of mine convinced an Iraqi whose motorcycle broke down, that pissing in the gas tank would fix it. Needless to say…