Backing down

Lawmakers close to agreement on Iraq funding

Playing games with the war in order to create a smokescreen for their pet projects

Surrendacrats, um, surrender:

Flinching in the face of a veto threat, Democratic congressional leaders neared agreement with Bush administration Tuesday on legislation to pay for the Iraq war without a troop withdrawal timeline.


Several officials said the emerging $120 billion compromise would include as much as $8 billion for Democratic domestic priorities — originally resisted by the White House — such as disaster relief for Hurricane Katrina victims and farmers hurt by drought.

I noted this sort of thing in my Speech Bush Should Give:

Maybe some hope their little programs fall through the cracks, unnoticed during the heated debate over the deadline. If so, if that is what they’re trying to do, it is even more shameful because it means they’re playing games with the war in order to create a smokescreen for their pet projects.

This, from the party that promised to “end the culture of corruption.”


  1. And this suprises anyone? Heck, they are trying to sneak anti-gun legislation into the Immegration bill. I think it was somewhere between pages 200 and 220 on the mid march version of the bill. As a well known radio personality says ‘get out the duck tape, my head is about to explode!’