Serendipitous Timing


Fiery Shi’ite cleric Moqtada al-Sadr appeared in public for the first time in months on Friday to renew his opposition to U.S. forces in Iraq and paint himself as a leader for all Iraqis.

About the time he was delivering a sermon at Friday prayers in the holy city of Kufa, Iraqi special forces killed a top leader of his feared Mehdi Army militia in southern Basra.

Who was that that killed the militia leader? Which country’s special forces? The Iraqi military has sure come a long way.

Meanwhile, why do we think Darth Sadr came out of hiding? Could it be that he’s losing his grip on his movement and he felt he needed to get some face time?

UPDATE: Roggio: Sadr returns from Iran

“Returns from Iran”?!? But we were all assured that he wasn’t in Iran.

In Roggio’s post:

It is unclear who returned with Sadr. A large convoy of up to 60 vehicles accompanied him into Iraq.

How much of a target is this guy? I realize the hades that would break loose if he were killed, but doesn’t every day that passes make it look more and more unavoidable?


  1. Car bomb him ‘Clear and Present Danger’ style. Who is going to look that close when a proximity-fused MK84 goes off on top of a truck 20 feet away from him?