Those must be some proud parents

Boys, 13, arrested for egging town veterans


  1. They were lucky the police arrested them – I’m surprised the townspeople didn’t beat the hell out of them.

  2. MO, I read that the other day and laughed- notice the closing line. They’re ‘alleged punks’. I don’t think there’s any ‘alleged’ about it.

  3. It’s the parents who need to be kicked in the nuts…the kids just learn and accept the hatered from them… Sad, sad country this has become.

  4. Fracking bastards. I say send them to Iraq and drop the two by parachute deep inside Bazra, armed only with a box of eggs.

  5. ‘Yeah, it’s the parents that really deserve to be taken out an beaten…then the kids.’ Good idea Cro. But wouldn’t it be better to have a couple of strong guys pick up the kids by their legs and use them to beat the patenrs?

  6. OOP’s a slight misspell in the previous message. Meant PARENTS Can you catch dyslexia from your kid? I think I did.

  7. Honestly, does anyone REALLY believe that the kids have an specific kind of hatred for the veterans? I find it far more likely that these are the kind of kids would throw eggs at all kinds of things, and saw on MTV that the war is bad, and so thought ‘here’s a great chance to throw eggs’. I bet it was far more about throwing eggs than it was about the target. That being said, any parents who neglect to instill respect for veterans (and active service menbers) into their kids probably doesn’t deserve to have them.