In Iraq for decades to come

US looking to long-term presence in Iraq: Gates

US Defense Secretary Robert Gates said Thursday the United States is looking to a long-term military presence in Iraq under a mutually agreed arrangement similar to that it has long had with South Korea.

I continue to think that we’re going to have several brigades and some airpower, plus pre-positioned equipment for another couple of brigades, in Iraq for a very, very long time. Maybe more, maybe less. And maybe some (or most) of it in Kuwait. But we will have a significant military presence in Iraq for decades.

I also continue to believe that that is a very large part of why we’re there in the first place.

This news will be spun as a some sort of failure or as proof of Bushitler’s secret plan to steal the oil or something, but anyone that’s spent more than thirty seconds thinking about what a real war on terrorism will look like knows that it’s a necessary part of the plan.


  1. I think Britain is in the middle of showing us why a pull-out is a bad thing. Having said that, I think pretty much everyone will be pleased if Iraq stabilizes enough that the majority of forces can be brought home. However, it’s going to be to your and their benefit for some forces to remain behind until they well and truly have a grip on their domestic situation. I don’t think there’s any way that’s going to happen before 2014, judging by historical standards, and even then it will probably help to have some foreign support for a while after that. On a mostly unrelated topic, what’s the deal with the UK? They are gutting their military – presumably because they can’t afford to keep it – why are they having such financial trouble? What’s to stop their decline?