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The Inquirer wants its readers to believe that guns now commit crimes in Lancaster, and in other smaller cities. The problem is not urban violence spreading to the country; it’s obviously the guns that have always been there.

I think he’s being sarcastic. He notes that the story he links to recounts a crime in which a South Philadelphia man shot his girlfriend, her mother, daughter, 2-year-old grandson, and a family friend. And that the crime was being used to push tougher handgun laws.

What about the gun that did it (or that made him do it)? It turns out that not only was this a convicted felon in illegal possession of a firearm, who had served time for previous weapons offenses, but the firearm itself was illegal:

The suspected weapon, a 9mm semiautomatic handgun with an altered or obliterated serial number, was recovered from a trash can.

Philadelphia court records show that Galloway was sentenced to three to six years in prison on drug and weapons charges in 1995. Last month, the courts dismissed charges that he had assaulted and terrorized someone because of “lack of prosecution.”

Yeah, but it’s all the fault of the gun. It made this ex-con possess it, and file the serial numbers off, and shoot people.

I can’t prove my suspicions, but I do think that the push to blame guns is related to the chronic inability of the legal system to put such guys away.

Yet all we hear about prisons is that they’re way too overcrowded. (via Instapundit)