Shovel AK

Pic found at Oscar Poppa:


Weapon found in Afghanistan. Seems to me that the shovel handle must just be a fill-in for a stock, as I can’t imagine it being a useful handle in combat. (Though a commenter noted that maybe it’s used to pull the weapon out after bayonetting someone…)

Bigger version at Oscar Poppa.


  1. Maybe if the rifle was on a swivel mount on a vehicle the shovel handle would allow the shooter to stay further back? Of course after 40 rounds of spraying and praying you are swapping mags so I doubt that is effective. Yeah – it is a ghetto butt stock.

  2. I’d laugh at that if I thought we were winning. Meanwhile our shiny new F-22s sit safely in their hangars. I should have put a damn shovel handle on them when I had the chance. Maybe they’d be good for something then.

  3. Nope .. I can tell it is a moslim insult to the rifle that never hits anything … the butt was removed and that shovel handle was attached …God willing … to make the infidel rifle serve as a tomato stake.