M-14 Forever

Defense Tech has a great post by Eric Daniels up: Me and My M-14.

Things start pretty rough with an M-16A2, get worse and then worser, but suddenly:

I saw a number of M-14s piled in a corner collecting dust.

Go read.

(Yes, Murdoc is curious about why one could get an M-14 back into prime condition but not get a new front post for an M-16. But it’s a great read about a great weapon nonetheless.)

And go weigh in on Buckethead’s call for what needs to change when you’re done.


  1. Well, for starters, he had available ‘a number of M14s in the corner collecting dust’ to pull parts off of, as long as the armorer let him. I seem to remember spare front sight posts being one of those things that the armorer carried around in his box o’ small parts. It was back when I was a company XO.

  2. I have a friend who was allowed to carry an M1 during his time in Vietnam. He killed VC with the bayonet and butt plate as well as with the bullets. Said 9 lbs felt about right when it came to crushing someone’s skull. Also said it had a hell of a lot more punch than the AK-47, and he is still pissed about the guys who died because their M-16s jammed. He never used the M-14 though, so he didn’t have any opinion on thier relative merits.

  3. I tried to get myself an M-14 for the Gulf War. The members of my air-team all took voluntary transfers to a Marine Reserve Infantry Battalion that was being deployed. Since we checked in a day before the unit was leaving town, the armorer and supply people were order to get us whatever we ‘needed.’ I told the armorer I needed an M-14 for my team (I knew they had some for funerals and parades). He looked but was surprised to find that they had all been issued. I found out later than some Vietnam vet Gunnies on the battalion staff had snagged the M-14’s and a couple of shotguns for their vehicles.

  4. Shipmates, I was very fond of the M-14. I did a tour in the army as an 11B before I decided I’d rather fly… go figure. Anyway, we still had the rock & roll switches, bipods, and fiberglass stocks on the ones issued to us. A great weapon, very forgiving, and with a h@ll of a punch. If I had the spare cash laying about, I’d have one built for me. Just in case….. Respects,