What? America doesn’t love its politicians?

President’s, Congress’ ratings drop to lowest levels ever

The latest NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll finds that Republicans are abandoning the president, which has dropped his job-approval rating below 30 percent — his lowest mark ever in the survey.

But he isn’t the only one whose support is on the decline in the poll. Congress’ approval rating has plummeted eight points, bringing it below even Bush’s. And just one in five believe the country is on the right track, which is the lowest number on this question in nearly 15 years. [emphasis Murdoc’s]

Honestly, this actually gives Murdoc some hope. Maybe people ARE paying attention after all.

Of course, this is the front page headline on MSNBC.com:


Honestly, if you think about it for a second, Bush’s low survey numbers shouldn’t be all that newsworthy, should they? I mean, we’ve been treated to several consecutive years of “Bush’s numbers are down blah blah blah”, haven’t we? And over a year of “Bush’s numbers are bad, so elect Democrats who will fix things blah blah blah” leading up to the elections.

But it appears that America has been hoodwinked, and maybe, just maybe, America has noticed.

People are unhappy with Bush? What else is new?

But the new Democratic Congress? And the direction of things in the country since they took power?

I thought Pelosi and Reid and Murtha and all those guys were going to straighten things out.


  1. I regret that I ever supported him. He has neglected his duty to enforce our national sovereignty and is now in the process of ramming through his amnesty bill despite the overwhelming feelings against it. He might go down in history as the President who saved Anbar, but lost Arizona. Certainly to me, he is the worst President in my lifetime.

  2. Bush sucks. He is worse than Carter, if for no other reason than the fact he is doing his best to kill the conservative movement in this country. He is not the only disappointment too. There’s Cheney and Rumsfeld. I thought those two would really shake up the defense industry. Instead they caved and gave them everything they wanted and more. Then there’s the sleaze balls in Congress like Duke Cunningham who sold out to the highest bidder and the rest of the RINOs. These guys make Watergate look like a walk in the park.

  3. Dfens, nice take on the bush-carter comparison. I have had people get in my face when I told them Bush was worse than Carter. But your explanation is correct. Carter, although incompetent, was helping to usher in the conservative movement under Reagan. Bush, on the other hand, is setting the table for the destruction of the conservative movement. So yes, Bush is worse than Carter.

  4. To MO and anyone who might be a republican party member: the democratic controlled congress does have lower poll numbers than Bush. But I think most people realize we have had a republican president for 6 years and a republican congress for the better part of that time. So when I see the poll results that only 1 in 5 think the nation is on the right track, I have to believe that will hurt republicans more then democrats. I think 2008 might be a massacre. And if the illegals get amnesty and become voters in 2012, it will only get worse. The republicans might be relegated to minority status for a couple of generations. It is sad to see what has been squandered. I was so pumped after the 1994 congressional sweep. I thought republicans had the chance to become the majority party for the foreseable future.

  5. That f’ing idiot, Bush, is at it again: Senate leaders, under intense pressure from immigrant-rights groups, the business sector and the White House, agreed Thursday on a plan to revive an immigration bill sidetracked last week by partisan clashes and conservative opposition. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., accepted a plan that paves the way for the bipartisan legislation to return to the Senate floor as early as next week. He is clearly the worst president ever.

  6. Dfens, I too am pissed that he is ramming this back down our throats. He is not a deserter to the conservative cause anymore. He is a defector.

  7. Yeah, those businesses are more than happy to take the tax subsidy neither you nor I had the opportunity to vote on by hiring illegal workers. Frankly, I’m not mad at the illegals. I’m mad at George Bush, the sellouts in Congress, and the businesses that both hire the illegals and appear to control our government. I guess I qualify as a bigot by Linda Chavez’ definition.