Wednesday Pseudo-Linkzookery

Here’s a special, bonus, sort of linkzookery. Some interesting items:

Yesterday, the Victims of Communism Memorial was dedicated in Washington, DC, in memory of the hundred million and more victims of global communism. Thanks to the Daily Brief for the heads-up, I’ll have to check that out.

Also, the Brits are moving ahead on their new nuclear sub – the Astute, first in a new class of subs for the Royal Navy. Soon to launch, and only five years late and 900 million pounds overbudget. But look at this:


That wheely thing at the bottom would be great for the Iowa-class MBT, no?

My current preferred candidate for President is the Fred Thompson, who is apparently pissing off all the other candidates by out-polling them without even having a declared candidacy. And, they’re gunnin’ for ‘im.

A physicist is soliciting funds from you, yes, you, to conduct research into quantum retrocausality. That means, John Cramer of the University of Washington Physics Department wants to see if “signaling, or communication, in reverse time” is possible. I read both his sf novels, I think I might send him maybe a buck-two-fifty.

Tony Blair has turned the UK into a panopticon surveillance society. Let us hope we can duck that one here, but I think it’s largely inevitable.

And finally, it is my birthday. Please email me for details on where you can send your Apple gift cards so that I can get my iPhone.


  1. Iowa-class MBT’ .. lol We could ensure action by painting cartoons mocking Islam on the side 😉

  2. Research into quantum retrocausality? And you’re going to send him some money? Better have him look in his time machine first, you may have already sent it to him, thus casuing him to set up his research………….or something like that!

  3. Wow, that is one ugly bitch!! They should just move right to the artificial reef stage and dump that piece right into the ocean as is.

  4. There are other pics of the Astute in better shape – I didn’t pick that pic to highlight the sub, but rather the Iowa-class MBT undercarriage. She’s actually a pretty boat.