Late-Breaking News: Surge Failed Again

The surge has failed, says noted military expert and Senator Harry Reid.

Here he is, looking into the Radiant Socialist Future:

Reid referred to the surge as an “escalation” that failed to achieve “political reconciliation.” Now, I may be a simpleton, a conservative and an ignoramus. But I thought the purpose of the surge was in large part not to reconcile, but to kill and overawe those who are committed to never, ever, reconciling with anything except a new Caliphate. And if that involved more troops – sure, but using the terminology of tired leftist anti-nuculer rhetoric from the seventies and eighties (maybe I’m oversensitive here on the escalation thing) is a little sad, and a little typical.

The fact that he’s declaring failure before the surge is even complete, well, I’ll leave the accusations of Treason and Un-Americanism to Murdoc, should he feel it necessary. But since Gen. Petraeus says it will be late summer before anyone can know how well the surge has done, it does kind of make Reid seem the defeatist little bastard, doesn’t it? Almost like he wants it to happen.



  1. It fits the game plan for Reid and company. The dems want to stop funding the war to please their base. However, they are afraid if they do republicans will come back and say you stopped funding the war when we were on the verge of victory. So they have to plaster the media with the news that the surge has failed. Once it is accepted and reflected in opinion polls the surge has failed, they will feel secure enough to cut the funding or force a withdrawal. They don’t want to be blamed like they were after Vietnam.

  2. Look for Harry to go the way of Tom Foley and Tom Daschle in 2010 when he runs for re-election.

  3. Actually, I don’t accuse any of them of being ‘treasonous’ (at least I don’t think I’ve used that word) because so many pretend to be unable to differentiate between the letter of the law and the larger meaning of the word in practical terms.

  4. Murdoc, actually, I left the accusations of treason to you, ’cause it’s your site. Didn’t want to get all uppity and presumptuous. For my dollar, it is so in the practical if not strictly legalistic sense. Bram, we can only pray that you’re right, and that the Fred Thompson gets elected and brings about the second coming of Reagan.

  5. The Dems have ‘Bet the Farm’ on failure in Iraq. And offer only Retreat, Surrender and submission to terror as the only way forward. Leaning so far to the left that they make any moderate (patriotic) Democrat look like Adolph Hitler. A victory in Iraq, via political negotiation backed up with military Power could destroy them at election time We can’t call it Treason, But I continue to hope that the voters come to their senses in the next election and decide that electing defeatist/pacifist/wimpy politicians is a mistake. I look at it this way, Better to fight Binladen and co with our military who have the tools and protection (apart from a good rifle – but thats another rant for later) than retreat and have them turning up here at home, blowing up my wife and kids at the mall ! You cant get a political compromise with suicide bomb sending islamic radicals who even blow up their own ! Thanks for reading. Russ Dyer New Zealand Born, US citizen as of last year ! Hooah ! God bless America

  6. If it weren’t for the fact that I know in my heart that people like Reid are a minority, I think I would lose faith in this great nation. Duty, honor, country: Those three hallowed words reverently dictate what you ought to be, what you can be, what you will be. They are your rallying point to build courage when courage seems to fail, to regain faith when there seems to be little cause for faith, to create hope when hope becomes forlorn. I always thought they were intended for men up against an enemy that was overwhelming in numbers… I know now it was for men up against politicians. My take

  7. I just watched Reid’s statements on the news. Then I looked up his bio on Wikipedia to find he has never server in the military or done anything else particularly useful in life, although he has made a lot of money peddling his political clout. So, with great conviction, I say – Harry Reid is a douche-bag.

  8. I just watched Reid’s statements on the news. Then I looked up his bio on Wikipedia to find he has never served in the military or done anything else particularly useful in life (although he has made a fortune peddling his political clout). So, with great conviction, I say – Harry Reid is a douche-bag.

  9. Senator Harry Reid’s ‘defeat at all costs plan’, is one of the most stunningly bad political ideas of the century. Sure Neville Chamberlain’s ‘peace in our time’ plan ranks up there, but at least his plan had a understandable abet naive rational of wanting to avoid the bloodbath of WWI. Ried’s plan, a plan of pure partisan debauchery, if successful, will insure the defeat of the very democrat party he purports to advance. The insuring calamity of defeat will embolden our enemies, dismay our allies and neuter our ability to influence world events. In the simplest of terms and in the most basic of definitions Reid’s success means. 1. Iran building the bomb with impunity or Israel being unable to rely on the US, goes to war with Iran. 2. The Taliban ultimately taking over Afghanistan, as will know that killing X number of Americans ends American involvement. 3. Pakistan’s government falls as the newly embolden radicals ideology proves to be stronger then week Americans. 4. Radicals get control of nuclear weapons. (See 1 or 3) 5. Arms race in South East Asia, as Taiwan and Japan conclude that they have to protect themselves from the threat of China and North Korea 6. NATO’s future becomes doubtful. 6. Terrorism ascendant as they gain control of massive numbers of ‘new recruits’ and gain control a good chunk of world’s oil and heroin. But on the plus side, he can always claim that all this was Bush’s fault and he was acting on principal.

  10. Saw another shot of him from about the same angle except he was shaking his finger; looked like either Castro or Chavez yelling ‘Socialism forever!’ I am so freakin’ sick of this clown…

  11. Its hard to keep from calling him a dickhead, but because I abhor fowl language I’ll just call him and ID10T