The front fell off

All there is is sea, and birds, and fish. And 20,000 tons of crude oil. And a fire.

UPDATE: Incidentally, they’re talking wargames at the Ministry. Yes, it’s the cross-post of Buckethead’s Linzookerylike post from the other day, but it turned into a conversation about wargames. That’s how things go at the Ministry. Well, usually it turns into a conversation about zombies, but give it a minute or two.


  1. Quick! No one respond to Dfens’ comment! I suspect it’s just a hook to lead us into another discussion about the F-22. And in a couple of months when the front falls off of a F-22 he’ll be wagging his finger at us saying ‘told ya so!’ LOL.

  2. Did so, but FDR covered it up, just like Pearl Harbour. He blamed it on USS Washington. Cheers

  3. Dfens- Its nothing like the Coast Guard problem. If I recall, the Coast Guard ships have the back fall off. It totally different. You of all people should know that having the front fall off is not a design flaw, its a design enhancement! Think of how much time is saved unloading the ship. PS The Navy stated that one of its reasons for not wanting to reactivate the Iowa BB’s is that they are not built to their design specs. I believe the Iowa is actually about two feet longer then its original design. So that begs the question, if it was designed to spec, would its front fall off?

  4. Ummm, didn’t they have to take part of the front off the incomplete USS Kentucky (BB 66) to repair the USS Wisconsin after a collision at some point in the 50s?

  5. Too funny. The fella playing the senitor (on the left) did a whole lot of shows under the name Fred Dagg. (aka John Clarke) ( I even have a whole cd of his stuff. I think all New Zealanders and Australians around my age know him. Too Funny 😉 Here is one of his songs – his album Clean , funny humor – hard to find now days.

  6. I’m on vacation now. Haven’t hit anything worth talking about – so far. This is the thing that gets me about that Deepwater story: Says [Congressman]Cummings, ‘I don’t know. The thing I’ll tell you and I think I know partly. It started with some people not either paying attention. Or people who didn’t care. Or people who were greedy. Or people who were incompetent. Or people who lacked integrity. Or a combination of all.’ That pretty much sums up the sentiments of just about every government organization that has taken the time to investigate Deepwater and its problems, which go far beyond the patrol boats. And there has been no shortage of whistleblowers shouting ‘May Day.’ Some of the blame can be traced to the original Deepwater contract. The US government pays these people more to screw up, and then this stupid Congressman is surprised that people are greedy and incompetent. Hmm, if you knew they were greedy, why didn’t you put an incentive in place for them to make more money by making the modifications work? Why didn’t you put an incentive in the contract so it pays more for the contractor to be competent that it does for them to be incompetent? It pisses me off because the Congressman is to blame, yet he’s there with 60 Minutes saying, ‘oh yeah, this bad old military, the’re spending us blind…’ What a bunch of crap. He’s as much to blame or more so than anyone else. No one wants to fix it, but everyone’s ready to point a finger.