Like a bad penny

I’ve made it back to Michigan and I barely hit any deer at all this time.

Posting will resume shortly, though if Buckethead has more he’s still free to post.

A major thanks goes out to BH, who did a great job helping keep things going and his posts garnered a lot of reader feedback. Good stuff, and I intend to comment on some of it in the coming week or so.


  1. Murdoc, How’d you make out with the damage to the van. Did you have it repaired or pull out a wad of cash and spring for a brandy new one?

  2. KB: Heh. No, didn’t catch any Twinkies. Though it appears the Indians were playing as we drove past Jacobs yesterday afternoon. Toejam: Luckily (?), though the damage was serious it wasn’t enough to write her off, so the van spent the week in the shop while we vacationed using a rental. At the end of the week we stopped and picked the van up on our way home.