The Iraq Offensive

A status update on Operation Phantom Thunder

Want to know what’s happening? Read Roggio.


  1. ‘A joint Iraqi and U.S. operation in Muqdadiyah and the Hamrin mountains resulted in the capture of 18 al Qaeda fighters, while Iraqi soldiers captured five al Qaeda operatives in an operation in nearby Balad Ruz.’ Whata they goin to do with them now Gitmo is closing?

  2. IA is setting up field holding areas (tent POW enclosures). The IP school in Jordan is now training prison guards at a rate of 2200 every 8 weeks…

  3. ‘Toejam, The ACLU will spring them. Expect them to be giving seminars at Berkeley’s law school next academic year.’ Roger that GeekLethal. Heck, ACLU? Don’t forget to incluse the mainstream Democrat Politicos as well. In California (except for Bruce Willis, of course) you have a terrorist paradise. I wonder if Barbara Striesand (Babs) is one of the 72 virgins? I guess only the nose Knows.