pakistan_flag.jpgIt’s never dull in Pakistan, an ostensible ally in this World War, but things have been more exciting than usual of late. A few headline-worthy topics:

Fresh fighting at Pakistan mosque: Fresh fighting has erupted at the Red Mosque in Pakistan’s capital, Islamabad, where a government siege of radical Islamists is in its fourth day.

Pakistan official: Musharraf’s plane fired on: Maybe, maybe not. Maybe AA guns, maybe missiles.

Suicide attack kills 6 soldiers in Pakistan: A suicide bomber threw himself at an army jeep killing six Pakistani soldiers in north-western Pakistan.

Bill Roggio, of course, has also been covering The battle at the Red Mosque

Getting Pakistan’s government to officially side with us after 9/11 was a coup that the Bush administration rarely gets any credit for, in part because the alliance has had shaky moments and the Pakistani government itself is shaky at best. The largely lawless region of the country that borders Afghanistan has long been troublesome, and President Musharraf is between a rock and a hard place trying to juggle the interests of his military, his own population, and his Western allies.

As rough as things are, though, don’t ignore the fact that they’d get a hundred (a thousand?) times worse for us overnight if the Musharraf government folded. Or was beheaded.


  1. I don’t buy it. Pakistan under Musharaaf has been a disaster that we have allowed to continue because he conveniently wheels out the Islamist boogeyman from the closet every time we tell him to get his shit together or – god forbid – go kill some AQ mofos who are making trouble in the frontier provinces. There’s ample evidence to suggest that were he to go, the Islamists would not take over power. More likely the more secular mainline party, of which the Bhuttos were a member of, would regain power. Either way, we should have the OPLAN to snatch those Pakistani nukes on the table right now if Pervez decides to lose his head. That, and grab that Used Car Salesman of WMDs AQ Khan – the man who brought you such hits as the Nork nuke test and Iran’s centrifuges. Who, btw, Pervez just let out of house arrest. If he was ever under it. Friends like these. V

  2. The thing you need to consider is that Musharaff faces a lot of opposition from his country for supporting the War On Terror. How do you think the people of any country would react when its army attacks its own people, but Musharaff has been taking down the Taliban and Al-Qaeda forces that are in Pakistan near the Afghanistan border. In the process many innocent people have also been killed. Yet the operation continues. He isn’t given credit for that which if you ask me if a VERY big deal. Secondly, putting AQ khan under house arrest was not an easy task for him either. AQ Khan is considered a national hero for providing the country with the nukes. How would the citizens of any other country react if a national hero was put under house arrest? Fact is Musharaff has to tackle the western demands as well the the demands of the people of Pakistan and the two have opposing views. It isn’t easy for him yet he has done a good job so far, but you keep blaming him for not doing anything in this war on terror yet only recently Sulman Rushdie was given knighthood. Almost everyone knows that his books are very much anti-Islamic. Giving him knighthood only infuriates more young muslims and leads them to terrorism and radicalism. Thus, defeating the purpose of the whole on terror. Everyone should take the responsibility of this war, not only Musharaff. He does his part and everyone else should do theirs.