Unwriting Japanese history

Told to commit suicide, survivors now face elimination from history

New textbooks to remove references to the Japanese Army’s orders to civilians to kill themselves when the Americans arrived. The education ministry

said “it was not clear there were military orders [to commit suicide]” and that “recent studies suggest there were no such orders”.

If we’re real lucky, some day our grandchildren will be hearing that Islamic leaders are quietly removing references to encouraged suicide bombings of civilians from their textbooks as an embarrassment..


  1. That’s the most rewritten war in history, and not just by the Japanese. We too omit in our history books just how bloody it was. Try to find a picture of Tokyo burning on the internet. Not even the sites that claim the US is a country of war criminals has those. And you know what, we are war criminals by our own ‘lofty standards’ of today. What we did to Japanese and German cities would be classified as a war crime today. Do you remember when those laws were passed? Who introduced that legislation? Who agreed to the treaty that made what we did in WW2 and other wars before it and since ‘war crimes’. When did we debate what constituted a ‘war crime’? We didn’t just kill combatants in that war. We didn’t give a flying F about collateral damage. As far as we were concerned German and Japanese women and children burned in the firebombing raids just like factories and houses. We didn’t choose to start that war, but we sure as hell ended it. Ironically by following the standards we did use, we probably ended that war with far fewer casualties than we would had we fought under today’s standards of ignorance and cowardace. Yet we are more than happy to prosecute our own soldiers for committing atrocities like defending themselves or killing for revenge. Oh, that’s bad stuff there. We wouldn’t want the enemy to think we’d kick their ass if they messed with us or ours. Nooo. We’d rather have them walk all over our soldiers. We’d rather have our soldiers live in fear. We like it when our soldiers are killed to protect a Mosque from any little bit of damage. After all, these aren’t our sons getting killed, they are someone else’s. They belong to some other class of people in red states or blue, or some hyphenated ethnic group. They aren’t our sons that are dying. We don’t have any responsibility to them.

  2. Dfens, Yup. I am very much concerned about the Japs rewriting their history books, although the Soviets certyainly did the same thing. However, there is Dresden, Cologne, Hamburg, Tokyo, etc to consider. I blame the Brits for Hamburg and Dresden. That was Bomber Harris’ big call, but yeah, we went along with it. Regarding the collateral damge. We, at least, made our aim points the factories and railyards in the cities. LeMay, Arnold, Spaatz, etc pointed out that it’s wasn’t our fault that the Germans and Japanese both built their primary war-materiel factories in the hearts of cities. We knew some bombs would go astray. We accepted that fact. And you’re right… it helped to end the war faster and with fewer casualties all round. It would be nice to use the same sort of attitude today. There are certainly some groups that could benefit from a major bombing campaign. I’d volunteer in a heartbeat to go back in and help crew it. Respects,

  3. You remember how quickly the North Vietnamese changed their attitudes when we bombed Hanoi? I couldn’t believe 30 years later we only dropped 12 precision guided bombs on Bagdhad. It was like we hadn’t learned anything. I’m not saying we should have necessarily leveled that city, but Fallusia should only be a memory right now. We should have certainly wiped that city off the face of the earth. We probably should have picked one more in the Sunni triangle to make an example out of too. You don’t win a war by defeating an army and toppling a statue. You win a war by leaving no doubt in the mind of the enemy that you have the means and the will to kill them all. That’s how you break their spirit. If we aren’t willing to allow our troops to do that, we should not put them in harm’s way, in my opinion.

  4. My mother, before she was a war bride, was a civilian employee of Japanese Army Intelligence. It turned out that suicide bombing was part of the job description. She was assigned hug-an-artillery-shell duty. BTW, Dresden’s iconic status turns out to be Nazi propaganda. When the Dresden archives became available after the fall of Communism, orders to multiply all casualty and destruction figures by 10 were found. The numbers reported to the authorities were in fact about one-tenth of those which had been accepted for decades. Amazon link Nazis lied. My worldview is… confirmed.

  5. We whipped the ass and they cried it’s no fair, what a surprise. The fact of the matter is, if we needed to kill 250,000 Germans to beat their ass, we would have. We left no doubt in their minds we would have. That’s how we won. The thing is, if you don’t convince them you will kill them all, you either end up killing them all or losing. And that’s considered a moral war? It’s not moral. It is stupid.