‘What’s to stop Ned from killing me in the next ten days?’

Immediate Need, meet Waiting Period.

If you’re still alive middle of the week after next, come back to pick it up.

It’s for your safety and the safety of those around you.


  1. They can do a complete background check on me, enough to sell me a $20,000 car in a couple of hours, but it takes 10 days to get a gun? Gingrich was right. We live in two Americas. In the private sector America we have credit and debit cards that allow me to buy goods all over the planet instantaneously. In the public sector it takes 4 months to get a passport and 10 days to get a gun regardless of whether or not you’re being stalked. The 10 days is usually not enough time for the government to find out anything about the person buying the gun.

  2. Don’t forget that because she is buying the gun in California, it will be registered in her name in a state database until such time as the government here decides to ban them and confiscate them. Honestly, the only reason she can even still buy a handgun is because of efforts from organizations like the California Rifle and Pistol Association. If it were up to state liberals, all firearms would be banned in this great state. Even now our esteemed representatives are busy trying to pass laws to both require guns to ‘micro stamp’ a serial number into the cartridges, and for all ammunition purchases to require a face to face sale, ID, thumb print, and a record of the purchase kept for law enforcement. These measures will of course do not a thing to stop or even slow down crime, but will of course make life much more difficult and expensive for hunters and sport shooters to stay within the law. The main idea seems to be to make gun ownership so intimidating and tricky, that people don’t bother with it. In the meanwhile, the LA gangs stocked with fresh illegal alien felons are bringing their own firepower with them from across the border.

  3. I think the reason it takes so long to purchase a hand gun in California is that they have to check and see if the particular model has: 1) Passed the strict California emissions standards test 2) To assure it’s environmentally friendly 3) To make certain the weapon is biodegradable