It’s the Army’s fault he stole a tank

Man who took tank on a joyride ‘gleefully’ destroyed car

Okay, a British Warrior infantry fighting vehicle and not a tank. But it certainly sounds like he was genuinely gleeful. The video apparently made it online, but I had no luck finding it.

And personal responsibility remains intact:

His mother, Tina Carroll, blames the Army for allowing the incident to happen.

She said: “They leave the hangars open and the tanks mobilised so anyone could go in and anyone could take them.

“Fortunately he’s a good intended young man and not a terrorist so maybe the Army best think about this.”

Yeah. The Army “best think about this”.


  1. Now, I don’t know what Brit motorpool SOP is, but in the US Army, the vehicles are always locked up if the crew isn’t actually doing something on the vehicle. Usually, all but one hatch is locked from the inside (combat locked) and the last hatch is locked with a padlock. Motorpool gates are usually locked closed except during the duty day on, well, duty days (ie, weekdays). Non-armored vehicles had a cable locked around the steering wheel so it wouldn’t turn. Particularly anal commanders will have the staff duty check all the vehicles in the motorpools when they lock them up, and place their own locks on anything not properly locked up. This then results in the chain of command responsible for that vehicle having to explain why they didn’t properly secure their equipment.

  2. Fortunately he’s a good intended young man…’ Yes, That explains why he stole an armoured vehicle and ran over a car.

  3. mmm well I remember life as a wet behind the ears teenager at the air show. B Battery was there along with some M-109’s, and wouldn’t ya know it, you can start a M-109 with a push of a button…. I dimly remember a lot of shouting, someone yanking me out the M-109, then my dad caught up to me….not much memory after that.

  4. This is a clear case of life imitating art. The late Kenny Everett, a British TV comedian, had a sketch on his show where there was a row of parked cars in front of a wall. Kenny came on and said, ‘trouble parking? solve all your parking problems with’ – pause, then a tank burst through the wall and drove over the top of the cars – ‘a Sherman tank!’. BTW, why is ‘usa’ required?

  5. ‘His mother, Tina Carroll, blames the Army for allowing the incident to happen.’ Typical Brit, Socialist, low-class tactic. Play the victim card. They’ve NEVER heard of personal responsibility. Flip Wilson’s character Geraldine used the phrase: The Devil made me do it and this is the basis of blaming all of a person’s actions on something or someone else. In this case the army is the culprit. Usually it’s alcohol, drugs or an abusive parent. Go figure!

  6. : ‘The recording ends with a big show of the driver of the Warrior vehicle in the driver’s seat looking out the front of the vehicle quite plainly gleeful at what he’d just done.’ Well, duh. He just flattened a car with a really large tracked vehicle. It’s a guy thing.

  7. Well, when he’s done with this traumatic saga, maybe he can go to the British tabloids and sell his story, telling them how terrifying it all was. Maybe he’ll even get a goody bag to take away with him. The ‘USA’ bit is to make sure spam bots don’t get in and clutter up the replies with crap, I believe.

  8. Yes, the ‘usa’ is part of my anti-spam package which has worked like a charm so far. Folks who care to use TypeKey registration don’t have to enter the code.

  9. Hehe, maybe he just wanted to take a test drive? I know with drivers the way they are around here I wouldn’t mind having an IFV or wheeled APC to drive to work. Get in a car wreck and you just buff out the scuff and spray on some OD paint over the spot on the armor. Whumpbump ‘What was that, as speed bump?’ ‘Nope, it was a Porche’

  10. While it looked fun, I would not go around abusing government property or trashing someone’s ride. This turd needs to get whatever the Brit equivalent is of Office Hours or perhaps a court martial. His NCO needs a swift kick in the ass too. And Momma needs to be beaten half to death with a clue bat, then shot for being such a piece of socialist crap and not teaching her son why he should not be an undisciplined scumbag. Not to put too fine a point on it.

  11. This turd needs to get whatever the Brit equivalent is of Office Hours or perhaps a court martial. USMC Steve – the guy was a civilian. I’m not clear how he got to the APC in the first place. Maybe they were holding an Open House and the fellow discovered that tactical vehicles don’t need keys. NCO: From the driver position you steer the vehicle using these controls, vision port here, intercom here blah blah blah … Guy: Hey – wot’s this button marked ‘start’ do eh? NCO: It starts the vehicle of course. Guy: Wot, you mean it don’t need any keys? NCO: Well, no. Guy: ( wild grin) NCO: But please don’t push that. Here, come out of there and give someone else a turn in the vehicle … Guy: ( huge sh*t eating grin as he cranks the vehicle up ) NCO: Damn it!

  12. Brian: LOL! I need to remember that stuff when I go check out military hardware. Especially battleship museums. I’m assuming you don’t need keys to start battleships, either…