Quagmire in the P.I.

14 Philippines troops killed in clash with rebels
At least 10 found beheaded after battle with Muslim insurgents

Philippine troops recovered the bodies of 14 marines, some of them beheaded, after clashing with Muslim insurgents while searching for a kidnapped Italian priest, a marine spokesman said Wednesday.

Nine others were wounded in some of the bloodiest fighting this year. The clash erupted Tuesday in Tipo Tipo town on southern Basilan island, said Lt. Col. Ariel Caculitan.

At least 10 bodies were beheaded, Caculitan said, including those of six marines earlier reported missing.

If the US would just get out of Iraq, I’m sure this would settle down.


  1. If we would have just kicked Iraq’s ass we wouldn’t be having these problems. Now we’re everyone’s b*tch.

  2. Yeah – we should have gone into Iraq heavier in 2003 but I doubt it would have made much difference worldwide. At this point beating up average Iraqis would not slow down Al Queda in the least – it might help thier local recruiting. Unless we are ready to intervene in Iran, Syria, Pakistan, and a few other places, we should be ready for a long test of wills.

  3. We should have stayed out of Iraq both times. We didn’t have the stomach to do what was necessary either time. Although, frankly, if we had anyone in DC with a couple of neurons rattling around in their head within synaptic talking distance of one another, we could have blown though Iraq like we did and captured Saddam and his buddies, told them we were going to kill them if they didn’t stop pissing us off, then pulled out as quickly as we went in setting the existing regime free. That would have scared the hell out of them without causing total chaos. Saddam would probably be our bestest buddy right now if we’d done that. Instead we went in all moral and high and mighty, bestowing the benefits of freedom and democracy to all like 4th of July Easter bunny or something. John Kerry or George Bush. Now there’s a pair to draw from.

  4. It’s no secret that muslims across the globe are fighting their non-believing neighbors over land and beliefs. So why do we, the US and the West, continue to allow millions of them to enter our lands and potentially create the same situations here? There are more mosques going up in the US than Churches. It looks the UK might be beyond the point of no return. Why do we go against the Serbs and help the muslims rip away Kosovo? Neocons like McCain supported this and it did not buy us any muslim friends. In fact the Ft. Dix plotters were muslims who benefitted from our attacks on Serbia. Why do we go against the Russians and not support them in Chechnya? It would be nice to rally the non-muslim world in our endeavor. Holding off muslim advances is nothing new. It has been going on for over a thousand years. We are just ignorant because we grew up in the 20th century which was a low point in muslim power.

  5. I think you’ll find that this is quite a quagmire indeed. The ‘Islamists’ have been fighting in this region since the early 1600’s. The ‘natives’ fought the Spanish, the Dutch, and the French, and of course, the U.S. Army at the turn of the century.