Big ‘E’ alone in the ME?

U.S. may cut back to one aircraft carrier in the Gulf region

Ships currently in the region are the USS John C. Stennis and USS Nimitz, and both are expected to leave soon. The nuclear-powered aircraft carrier USS Enterprise left a U.S. port over the weekend to head to the area and will replace one of the carriers, the U.S. 5th Fleet announced Tuesday.

As plans stand now, the Enterprise would be alone in the region for roughly three months because the USS Harry S. Truman is not scheduled to deploy until the fall, two officials said.

After all the breathless speculation that an extra carrier (usually on the way to replace one already on station) sent to the region meant strikes against Iran were imminent, I wonder how this development will be covered.

Oh. It probably won’t.

(via Alert 5)


  1. One carrier in the gulf?!? Alert the ‘false flag’ people, and the Truther Tin-foil Hat Brigade! Let the conspiracies fly…