Raptor finally splashed in exercise

First Ever F-22 Raptor “Shot Down”

By an F-16, no less. Axe has the story. Go read. (via Alert 5)


  1. An F-22 shot down in a dogfight with a F-16 aggressor squadron pilot? Sounds about right. Don’t bring a knife to a gunfight, and never bring a gun to a knife fight.

  2. That was a F-16 Red Flag Aggressor squadron. Those guys are top notch and probably have more splashes to their record than any other US air group. Literally hundreds-thousands of US pilots transiting through Red Flag exercise has felt their wrath over the years. I have heard more than once that they are better at Soviet style tactics than the most elite Soviet air groups. Either way its good news we should be staking the deck looking for those weak points because the last place you want to learn about your weak points is in the middle of a war. You cannot correct what you don’t know is wrong.