Top Three

Over at Dean’s World, America’s Buddy Saddam: Bullsh*t reminded me of something I hadn’t pointed to in a while. It’s a handy chart of weapons imported by Iraq 1973-1990:

weapons sold to iraq

I first posted this in March of 2003. As I noted at the time, look at the top three and then recall which members of the US Security Council were so opposed to us invading.

Earlier, another writer on Dean’s World had asked if Americans felt any guilt because Ronald Reagan supplied “nerve-gas capable helicopters“. “Nerve-gas capable helicopters”. That’s hilarious.

As a commenter noted, school busses can easily be converted to carry nuclear weapons.


  1. Murdoc, France. Heh. It’s worth noting that the French ambassador to the UN was tap-dancing all over the place after we secured Bhagdad’s airport. Seems US forces found several cases of French-made manpad missles with recent manufacturing dates. Helicopters. Heh… apparently late model sedans can carry several hundred pounds of explosives, nails, and gas cannisters as well. respects,

  2. Some will call them ‘nerve-gas capable’ while I prefer to call them ‘candy for orphanages capable’. I just cannot believe that critics don’t want orphans to have candy.

  3. Our good buddies, the communist Chinese, provide them with weapons they use to kill US troops and yet we are more than happy to run up a tab approaching $300 billion a year with them. The primary source of funding for the terrorists is oil. What are we doing about that? Here we have Boeing giving B-2 stealth bomber technology to the Chinese because they’re such good friends of ours. I guess that way they ensure they get more of those lucrative development contracts. They give away the technology we’ve already paid for, so now we have to pay for more. Great plan.

  4. dfens, thanks for bringing up the China links. I have always regarded them as much more of a threat than Iran. In the Korean war they attacked us directly with their army. They aided the North Vietnamese and they are probably supplying arms to Afghanistan and Iraq. They are probably responsible for killing 2 to 5 times the number of americans as the iranians, iraqis, hezbollah, al qaeda and the taleban combined over the last half century. I definitely don’t advocate attacking China militarily. But I would agree that we shouldn’t reward them with a $300 billion trade windfall. Likewise, it’s time to stop transferring $300 billion per year in oil money.